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A True Alumni Welcome!

In the words of St. Don Bosco, “The school was not the end; it was rather the instrumental means for improving the way of life.” We are a community of faith that has created a place where reason, religion, love & kindness, with a contribution to education, is evangelized to those who have graduated on, to help you continue to improve as you grow throughout your life! This is a unique opportunity to grow not only within your local community but with your fellow Alumni across the NATION! Below is some information with links to the different things we offer to our Past Pupils (Alumni) on our website, social media, and communities across the United States of America. Feel free to explore, meet new people, ask questions, and get involved! Reignite a fire that you may not even know you have within you, and see how God, through the history of your youth, can bring you to a greater joy and life in Christ!

**Information Coming Soon!

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